Remotely-recorded, affordable customer testimonial videos.

Times are tough, but less so for our clients leveraging authentic, remotely-recorded testimonial videos. Recorded and produced with zero in-person contact, they’re the perfect sales collateral to have on hand when your prospects ask for testimonials, case studies, and references.

Sometimes, your customers can tell your story even better than you can.

Customer testimonial video production doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.

And we’re not talking about scripted, stiff soundbites. Our remote customer stories derive from natural conversation, and sound completely authentic because they are completely authentic.

Interviews that go deep.

We love delving into it with delighted customers. Our interviews go for at least 30 minutes and uncover the authentic emotional hooks that make your product so special.

Edited for impact.

Only the best moments make the final cut. Instead of producing long, droning testimonials, our remote customer testimonial video production process ensures concise, emotionally resonant customer stories that stay focused on the ideas you want to communicate.

Want a single video featuring multiple customers? We’ll edit everything into a single piece so all your customers work together to tell a unified story.

Want a series of standalone testimonials? We do that too. We can even edit them to specific lengths to fit your social media campaigns.

100% remote, 0% hassle.

Everything is done completely remotely, so all you have to do is provide contact info for the customers who have agreed to participate.

We handle the scheduling, release paperwork, and helping your customers set up their recording space so you don’t get bogged down with logistics.

Are your happy customers working for you?

Customer testimonial video production has never been easier. If you’re ready to create an outstanding set of remote testimonial videos, please contact us today.

Photo credit: Jud Mackrill on Unsplash