Podcast Episode 6: Let Go Of Control

In this episode, I have a conversation with Adam Grossman, Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder of The Selling Factory. 

His path includes a stint of surfing and bartending in Australia, reading philosophy on public transit in Boston, becoming a rabbi, founding a startup that didn’t work out and now one that’s been going strong for five years. 

Adam talks about how getting clear on his passion and purpose has been a guide through all of his life changes.

We talk about loneliness and how The Selling Factory creates a space for positive affirmation and genuine connection for its 80 employees most of whom are college students. 

With the wisdom of a former rabbi, Adam reminds us that everything is circular and it’s OK to not know what you’re not supposed to know. 
But at some point you have that realization: Wait a minute, this does work! This is what happened for him at The Selling Factory.

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And, as the final episode of Season 1, I leave you with practical advice from leadership coach Helen Hanison. 

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