At a Glance

If you’re obsessed with counting fire hydrants for a living, you kinda gotta step your game in the personality department. And if you rely on in-person sales meetings to establish the trust you need for major deals, you need to innovate fast in a pandemic.

In the client’s words:

Problem Addressed

When COVID hit, HazardHub needed a solution to replace high touch, in-person sales meetings. HazardHub co-founders Bob Frady and John Siegman rely on their winning personalities to introduce prospects to their innovative data solutions in an innovation-resistant industry. Insurance. What were they looking for when they hired us? Someone who could capture the soul of their company. (A company in the insurance industry!)

Here’s what they had to say in their exit interview with us:

“We wanted somebody who could humanize the company. You see the website, you see the data. It’s all somewhat frightening. It’s somewhat esoteric and it’s cold.” – John Siegman

Solution Used

Filming in June 2020, we safely filmed at a distance using an outdoor location. While interviewing Bob and John, we focused on who they are as people and why they’re the right humans to offer innovative solutions to a market in desperate need of innovation. Guess what? These guys are fun! And that’s hard to get across in text on a website. Or even the world’s most interesting database of FEMA Flood Zones with FEMA Descriptive Variables. To capture a prospect’s attention, tell a story of who you are:


Within a few weeks of launching their brand video, HazardHub secured a spot among the top 7% of applicants the Lloyd’s of London Incubator (Lloyd’s Lab). And a press mention in an industry pub. We were so thrilled to get this email!

“We got into Lloyd’s Lab – I don’t know what it means for the company but I’m betting it’s good. They especially seemed to like the video. Can’t wait to unleash it on our clients, our prospects, and our web universe!…Thanks again for everything…we wanted you to be among the first to know.”

-Bob Frady, HazardHub CEO

Bob instantly earned the video over 27K views, 495 likes, and 98 comments by posting the video on LinkedIn. According these data gurus, it was by far their highest engagement post. And it included a comment proving the video’s value for immediate demand generation:

“Congrats Bob!  please reach out if you think this would be of value to Alchemy Worx.”

Allan Levy, Alchemy Worx CEO

Bob’s post works so well because it’s vulnerable (well done Bob, it’s not easy). But the surprising truth is–usually–when you put yourself out there like this, people like it. In fact, it’s our secret to capturing the soul of a company.

Something Unique

John was pretty excited about his “COVID hair,” which is worth mentioning because it speaks to our central philosophy of what works in a video (and life):

Pre-Pandemic Hair
Mid-Pandemic Hair
Full-Blown Pandemic Hair

What that means for COVID hair is, sometimes you gotta just surrender to what is. Take a risk to show up as yourself. Are you waiting for your hairdresser to open before you film a video? You could be losing business. It looks good right? These guys don’t “fit the suit” — watch this clip to see what that means:

Who Should Consider

If you’re different from your competitors and you know you can sell your product and service if only you can get in the room with them…but you can’t get in the room with them, give us a call. We love working with innovators and we’re absolutely dedicated to finding the right solution for you.

“We loved working with Concurrent and would hire them again in a minute. In fact, we did. If you’re looking for a fantastic video production team who truly tries to understand what you’re all about, you can’t do better than Concurrent.”

-Bob Frady, Hazard Hub CEO

In summary, if you’re a regular person like Bob who sells with great conversations, we can help you start those with video by conveying the feeling of what it’s like to work with you. Bob says it better than we can right here:


Once we delivered a stellar brand video, HazardHub hired us back to create 14 additional clips for social media. All new content. Already shot in our one day of filming. We like to plan ahead for all possible scenarios for our clients. That’s a good trait to have when you’re working with guys who count fire hydrants for a living!

Want to hear more from Bob and John about their experience of working with us? They say remarkably nice things about us in this exit interview with Kerri (this is the longer version of snippets on this page).