Podcast Episode 4: Be Who You Truly Are

Alison Lumbatis is a million dollar entrepreneur who turned a fashion blog into a business. 

But it’s so much more than a fashion blog. As founder of Get Your Pretty On, Alison created a community of people that’s all about being who you really are and expressing your inner self through what you wear. 
I love this approach. I don’t consider myself a “fashion person.” But I do have a personal style and I love the way Alison talks about the connection between what you wear and who you are. 

Alison sees her role as guiding people through the outer expressions of major life transitions–the internal shifts that are expressed through external shifts.

We talk about growth and different phases of business ownership. Alison shares was different about side businesses she had before and Get Your Pretty On, the one that took off. 

We cover the idea of expressing your own identity instead of wearing something like a uniform for someone else. 

We talk about accountability and how getting dressed in the morning–even if you don;t see anyone else all day–is about being accountability to yourself

With fashion, like your own business, you can try different things, fail fast, do something different every day and just figure out what works for you. 

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