At a Glance

A full production crew with cinema cameras makes sense for a lot of our productions. But remote customer testimonials are an affordable solution that require only a webcam, a happy client, and a great interviewer and editor. (OK…we admit to getting a tad fancier than that…an upgraded microphone, light ring, and an upgraded webcam are all part of our remote recording kits. But still!)

Problem Addressed

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Gravity Payments needed to tell the story of how they were innovating for their customers with contactless payments. They needed to do it quickly and in a way that would be relatable to a specific target market. Leveraging a partnership partnership with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the Gravity/AVMA campaign needed an endorsement from a real veterinarian.

Here’s what Maggie at Gravity had to say in her Zoom exit interview with us:

Solution Used

When Gravity Payments hired Concurrent Productions to help with their AVMA campaign, we brainstormed solutions that wouldn’t require any in-person contact.

A remote recording kit made it super simple for Dr. Vasquez to share his authentic thoughts in an unscripted interview. Even though he’s one of the busiest vets in Los Angeles, Dr. Vasquez was so thrilled with Gravity Payments that he was happy to get on camera!

Here’s the video:


Everyone was super happy! But even more than the all around feel good feels, the video got results. Here’s what Maggie had to say:

“When [AVMA] launched the ad and used it for their marketing efforts, they got something like 28,000 views on it. There was a ton of engagement. We definitely saw some leads. Overall, their reaction was extremely positive. They absolutely loved the video. It hit all of their expectations.”

Maggie Goodall, Partnership Admin at Gravity Payment

Something Unique

You would never know that Dr. Vasquez set up his interview in a room where he normally does veterinary surgery. In a busy office full of barks and meows, it was the quietest (and best lit) option! We mention this to prove how simple it is to capture a great story with simple equipment anywhere.

Who Should Consider

If you have customers who are happy with your products or services, your prospective customers want to hear from them.

You don’t have to wait for a bigger budget or travel restrictions to ease up to create an amazingly authentic, story-based video. You can do it all remotely!

You just don’t need the highest quality production as long as your content is emotional and your editor knows how to tell a story and cut out the boring stuff. If you’re someone who needs to move fast like Gravity Payments, remote recording is a great option!

Need help making your video? Well what a coincidence! That is exactly what we do. 😉