Founder Story Videos for Companies with Purpose.

Today’s customers, whether consumers or businesses, demand to know who and what values they’re supporting when they make a purchase.

An authentic founder story video is the perfect way to communicate the personality and values that drive your business.

“The Meaning Economy has created a new customer who is drawn to brands that enable them to express their values.”

Bernadette Jiwa | Author, Story Driven: You don’t need to compete when you know who you are

Your brand is you.

Gone are the days an entrepreneur could hide behind a brand name and focus their marketing entirely on products and services. Even at the global level, the most relevant and respected brands are the ones whose CEOs are public figures, unabashed in their alignment with a personal mission.

Why do you do what you do?

Our founder story video production process fuses intimate on-camera interviews with why-focused editing to create genuine, moving brand videos that answer the pressing questions your competitors aren’t:

Do you believe what I believe? Can I trust you?

When you boldly express genuine vulnerability in your marketing materials, prospective customers automatically know that they can trust you. They know that you’re not an opportunist, but a sincere and conscientious human being serving a mission beyond yourself.

Do what only video can do.

Video has an incredible capacity to communicate beliefs, values, and passions through expressions of genuine emotion. Using it to explain products and features, and other things that text can do better, is a terrible waste. If you’re ready to create an emotionally resonant founder story video that will help you build a community around your brand, we want to hear from you.

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