How to Identify a Theme for Your Brand Story Video

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in their brand story video is failing to stick to a single theme or idea.

A business may offer many products or services. It may have a lot to be proud of. It may have a particularly cool distinguishing factor. With a typical brand story video having a runtime of under two minutes, you video can’t, nor should it, cover everything.

Even if it were possible, doing so would most likely confuse, or worse, bore the audience. That’s why it’s vitally important to identify a single, cohesive theme for your story. Everything said and shown in the video should support this theme.

How do you find a theme for your brand story video?

When we make a brand video, we interview the leader for an extended time. This helps us organically discover what makes the entrepreneur light up. It is often different from what we, or the client, might have expected.

A great example is the video that we created for Wolfermade, a custom furniture building service. The sloppy approach would have been to use the video to list all the different things this business can do, followed by a phone number. But lots of businesses can build tables. What sets this business apart? What is the emotional theme that gives this business its unique personality?

It turned out that Ethan had a passion for implementing discarded materials into his creations. Perfect. After shooting about an hour of interview footage, we set aside all the bits and pieces that supported this theme and wove them together into a story that stays on topic.

In our view, the most important thing a brand story video can do is not to inform, which websites are already good at, but to leave viewers with a feeling; a sentiment that makes them feel closer to the business. Videos that do this take advantage of the medium to accomplish something that text on a website can’t.

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