Authentic brand videos for high-end financial advisor and wealth management firms.

While you’re busy helping your clients grow their wealth, your brand story may not be at the forefront of your mind. That’s why our financial advisor and wealth management video production process is designed to effortlessly capture the human side of your brand story.

Find clients who share your values.

Good investment advice is easy to find, but for consumers, finding the right financial advisor can be a daunting task. Most wealth management firms market their what: their products and services. Unfortunately, these don’t differ much from one firm to the next.

Our financial advisor and wealth management videos communicate your why: the core values and beliefs that make you and your firm unique, so your prospects know immediately what kind of human beings you are.

financial advisor wealth management video production
A great wealth management firm video helps prospects understand what you’re like as human beings while they decide whether to contact you.

Let everyone on your team shine.

Every advisor on your team has their own personality, their own motivations, and their own ideal client.

A great wealth management video will synthesize each advisor’s unique strengths to tell a unified company story.

The partners at Global Wealth Advisors (Dallas, TX) distinguish themselves on a personal level; through their unique mission and values.

Compliance for financial advisor videos demystified.

You already know that advertising in the financial industry is highly regulated. That’s why we can work directly with your broker-dealer to ensure your video won’t raise any red flags. We’ll also help you develop and add any necessary disclosures to your video.

Additionally, our financial advisor video storytelling style is naturally compliant, focusing on your team’s personal philosophies and the why of your story, rather than on regulatory landmines, such as investment results.