Hate being on camera?

You’re not an actor. You’re an expert in your field.  That’s why we’ve purpose-built our brand video interview process to empower you to show your most confident self on camera.

This means your brand video will be made up of genuine moments that inspire your sales prospects to trust you.

I’m an introvert who feels extremely uncomfortable on camera. And I know how to calm those counter-productive feelings for other people.

Kerri Feazell, Co-Founder and CEO

Our process is different.

Our interview process is based on natural conversation, so you’ll be able to express yourself as comfortably as you would if you were chatting with a friend.

Plenty of time.

There’s no rush with a Concurrent Productions brand video interview. We plan around the assumption that we’ll sit with you long enough to relax into a rich, meaningful conversation.

No homework.

We do the prep work, not you.

Rather than overwhelm you with the obligation to have answers ready ahead of time, our interviewer will come prepared with questions that inspire to you talk about your organization the way you enjoy talking about it.

No canned questions.

You won’t be put on the spot to explain from scratch what your company does.

Instead, you’ll be guided through a natural conversation, sparked by thoughtful questions that are fun to answer and speak to your core passions.