5 Amazing Ways a Brand Documentary Will Help Your Business

I’m a strong believer and dedicated practitioner of the brand documentary format. I’m grateful that I have so many opportunities to help CEOs and founders leverage their best differentiator: their own passion and personality. It’s often a great pleasure to awaken these leaders to aspects of their own greatness they may not have known about. 

If you’re pondering creating a brand documentary for your own organization, consider these advantages:

What Is a Brand Documentary?

A brand documentary is a very short (usually under 5 minutes) film made primarily from unscripted interview footage. A brand documentary may also be called a “branded documentary” or “mini documentary”. It will typically feature the president, CEO founder, or owner. Some brand documentaries also include other staff members or clients. In addition to interview …

How to Identify a Theme for Your Brand Story Video

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in their brand story video is failing to choose and stick to a single theme or idea.

A business may offer a wide array of products and services, they may have several points of pride, or they may have a particular aspect of operations that makes them different from their competitors. With a typical brand story video having a runtime of under two minutes, it’s impossible to comprehensively cover any business in full depth.