On Authenticity in Video Marketing

How to ask for a video testimonial

Wondering How to ask for a video testimonial?

If you’re wondering how to ask for a video testimonial, you may find yourself coming up with reasons why it’s a bad idea. I know. It’s vulnerable. I once applied for a film directing program and had to get three letters of reference. It was intimating. I ran through all…

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Podcast Episode 5: Believe You Can Do It

In this episode, I have a conversation with Nikki Porcher, Founder of Buy From a Black Woman. I love Nikki’s story because I relate. She’s worked in many jobs, including at a nonprofit. She got bored, and she got fired. (Me too!) Nikki’s boredom led her to running half marathons. That led…

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Podcast Episode 3: Take Ownership

Shailey Motial and Madhukar Varshney are entrepreneurs in the field of education, a husband wife team who lead Nimble Q in India.Shailey and Madhukar are not only living examples of people who reinvented their lives in business but they are also pioneering a model of education for a new generation of…

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