Our Mission: We believe that transparency, authenticity, and a clear sense of purpose are critical to a positive human future. It is our mission to promote these ideals by finding them within today’s business leaders and communicating them with respect, storytelling excellence, and love.

Brand videos that warm your leads.

Our brand video production process creates emotionally-engaging, authentic video content that reveals the humanity behind your organization.

Video, with its unique power to convey authentic emotion, is too powerful to waste on rote information. That’s why we create brand videos that warm your leads viscerally – through beliefs, values, and passions.

People want to do business with people.

People no longer trust advertising – they expect humanity, authenticity, and purpose from the companies they do business with. Our unscripted brand videos are made entirely of visceral moments that come across as authentic because they are authentic.

Make deeper connections with your prospects, sooner.

A prospect who has seen your Concurrent Productions brand video will already understand and trust you, laying the groundwork for a deeper connection on the first call.

Save time and money.

An outstanding brand video automates a time-consuming portion of your sales process: establishing trust and rapport. Spend your time speaking with prospects who are already sold on your brand’s personality and values.

Decommodify your brand.

Price is less important to prospects who have an emotional connection to you and your brand. Instead of typical brand videos that commodify the company by focusing on products and services, we create videos that highlight what makes your brand unique: its people and mission.

What our clients are saying

All the onscreen talent were employees who were a little apprehensive about appearing on camera. Concurrent made everyone feel completely at ease and enabled the talent to relax, allowing the best possible moments to be captured for our videos.

Patrick Ward | Centerfield Media

Since I posted my video I have had multiple prospects reach out from Vimeo, YouTube, my website…all interactions I did not previously have. Jeff and Kerri’s video has created direct business for me, and referrals from them. I had no idea what I wanted in a video, even on the day of the shoot. Jeff got straight into it and created what I couldn’t envision. It was 100% worth it.

Ethan Wolferman | Wolfermade

Jeff and Kerri were amazing. We had been thinking about doing a corporate video forever, but just could not get it together. They made it happen for us. They handled it all, and were so kind about it. The final edit is beautifully shot, and the revision process was easy. That’s probably the word I would use the most was that they made it easy, and that feels like such a luxury in my work day.

Gillian Bellinger | Westside Corporate Creativity

I am not quite sure how they did it but somehow they took the footage that we shot at a couple of our clients over an afternoon and wove it into a video that hit every note perfectly. Jeff & Kerri are true story tellers and regardless of the story you are looking to tell, whether its for a business, a cause, a school or just for yourself, you would be very well served to hire them to tell your story.

Mike Huntley | MXS

The website is so much better with their video and I can’t get over how they were able to capture the why and who of the company in such an authentic way, breathing life into an industry that could be seen as less than exciting. They are talented at what they do and I would recommend them again and again.

Venessa Robinson | Venessa Robinson Design

Their ability to adapt to work with us was impressive…they provided perfect visuals for future customers to watch, and even inspired the [clients featured in the videos] to watch them as well.

Meagan E. | Retrium
Brand video Production in Los Angeles, California

About you and us

In the same way we use the video production process to encourage our clients to look inward and infuse their business stories with their personal values and beliefs, Concurrent Productions is a reflection of the human beings we are, and are becoming, every day.

We’ve been married for 15 years and lead the Concurrent Productions team as co-owners.

-Jeff & Kerri Feazell

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we give at least 1% of our gross video production revenue to organizations that help the planet.

As a proud business member of 1% for the Planet, we contribute at least 1% of our gross revenue to our favorite environmental organizations.