Brand video production for companies with purpose.

We believe that video, with its unique power to convey authentic emotion, is too powerful to waste on information. That’s why we create brand videos that connect viscerally – through beliefs, values, and passions.

The story of a company is the story of a person.

Video is an incredibly effective way to leverage the strongest differentiator any business has: the passion and personality of its leader.

Brand video production (the way we do it) is an intimate process designed to communicate a deeply personal story to a market hungry for authenticity.

We’re kind, passionate, open-minded people who delight in the opportunity to truly understand an entrepreneur’s emotional core and expose it to the world through our own lens of love and veneration.

It’s not only about the product.

We realize not everyone thinks this way, but if this statement gave you a positive rush of adrenaline, we’re like-minded, and we want to hear from you.

What our clients are saying

The website is so much better with their video and I can’t get over how they were able to capture the why and who of the company in such an authentic way, breathing life into an industry that could be seen as less than exciting. They are talented at what they do and I would recommend them again and again.

Venessa Robinson | Venessa Robinson Design

I am not quite sure how they did it but some how they took the footage that we shot at a couple of our clients over an afternoon and wove it into a video that hit every note perfectly. Jeff & Kerri are true story tellers and regardless of the story you are looking to tell, whether its for a business, a cause, a school or just for yourself, you would be very well served to hire them to tell your story.

Mike Huntley | MXS

Jeff and Kerri were amazing. We had been thinking about doing a corporate video forever, but just could not get it together. They made it happen for us. They handled it all, and were so kind about it. The final edit is beautifully shot, and the revision process was easy. That’s probably the word I would use the most was that they made it easy, and that feels like such a luxury in my work day.

Gillian Bellinger | Westside Corporate Creativity

I can’t even begin to say what a wonderful job Jeff and Kerri did putting together the story of my business. Through their interview process they captured all of the things I find most important about the reason I started my business and the reasons I love it. It was amazing to hear what my clients had to say about me also! The process was a lot of fun and the finished product was far better than I ever could have imagined. Jeff and Kerri have an amazing talent for storytelling and really got to the heart of what was important to me.

Elizabeth Feazell | Durango Family Dog Training

About you and us

In the same way we use the video production process to encourage our clients to look inward and infuse their business stories with their personal values and beliefs, Concurrent Productions is a reflection of the human beings we are, and are becoming, every day.

Being our client comes with the implicit guarantee that you’ll get the best version of us we know how to deliver so far. We promise to learn and grow from our interaction with you, and to use that wisdom to the benefit of all our future relationships, business and personal.

Brand video Production in Los Angeles, California

What really makes a brand video "authentic"?

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The 5 Non-Negotiable Characteristics of an Authentic Brand Video

What really makes a brand video "authentic"?

Read our free PDF.

The 5 Non-Negotiable Characteristics of an Authentic Brand Video

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"The 5 Non-Negotiable Characteristics of an

Authentic Brand Video"

The 5 Non-Negotiable Characteristics of an Authentic Brand Video